Webinar by YSMU Honorary Doctor: "Cancer Biobanks and Their Specific Needs''

European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) held an online webinar: “Cancer biobanks and their specific needs”.
ESBB President, Honorary Doctor of Yerevan State Medical University, ARICE project expert, Karine Sargsyan, from Cancer Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, International Biobanking and Education at Medical University Graz, and Department of Medical Genetics at YSMU, delivered a presentation on the topic.
About 150 specialists from different countries and universities of the world participated in the important event of international significance on the online platform.
The webinar focused on biobanking in cancer research, challenges, and strategies for sustainable innovation in oncology.
According to Karine Sargsyan, cancer biobanks are essential for advanced cancer research, including personalized and precision medicine. She presented the history of biobanking in details and emphasized three main goals:

1. better diagnosis,
2. earlier diagnosis,
3. better treatment.

The specialist explained why biobanking is important nowadays. “With the increasing prevalence of cancer, the biobanks play a vital role in cancer diagnosis and treatment. The biobanks serve as the foundation for cancer research, providing resources for future studies, biomarker discovery, and health outcomes”, she noted.
YSMU Honorary Doctor discussed basic principles of biobanking and key components of biobanks. “We need to overcome the challenges to improve cancer research. Biobanking is for a healthier world!”, Karine Sargsyan added.
She also spoke about EU ARICE activities and the fruitful cooperation with Medical University which are aimed at developing cancer research infrastructure in Armenia.