A Training Course for YSMU students and doctors by ARICE partners

In the framework of the 3-day working visit, the ARICE partners held a Training Course for YSMU students and doctors.

Dr. Judita Kinkorová, Associate Professor, Research, International cooperation at University Hospital Pilsen, Czech Republic; presented the report on “Spa Biobank: New Type of Biobank”․ She gave the “biobank” definition and classification, as well as discussed with participants the purpose of biobank and the aim of spa biobank. “From the 10 ideas changing the world right now number 8 is the biobank. We expect:

  • answers for questions we do not know (yet);
  • enabling scientific discoveries;
  • improving human health;
  • new drugs and vaccines;
  • new generation of biomedical research;
  • new approach to the education”, the Professor emphasized.
Dr. Stephanie Villar, International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization, made a presentation on “Working Safely in Laboratories”. Talking about good laboratory practice, she mentioned:

  • Basic practice that should be applied uniformly in all laboratories;
  • No distinction between scientists, technicians, students: they should be respected by all lab workers;
  • An important part of the students training;
  • Essential for personal and colleagues’ safety.
Stephanie Villar described the main risks and risk factors in labs as well.