Pantelis Constantoulakis highly values cooperation with Armenian specialists

Professor Pantelis Constantoulakis, YSMU ARICE program partner, Scientific Director at the Genotypos Science Labs Clinical Diagnostic Center; told about the profession of a geneticist, his professional activities, as well as the prospects of deepening scientific cooperation with Armenian colleagues.

The ARICE (“Armenian Research Infrastructure on Cancer Research”) project is the second Twinning program of the Medical University, one of the main goals whereof is to create important infrastructures for molecular diagnostics in the field of cancer research.

As part of the ARICE program, in June of this year, the international conference titled "Modern Achievements in Cancer Research" was held at the Medical University, where Professor Constantoulakis was one of the key speakers.

- Professor, why did you choose the profession of a scientist and geneticist?

- It was during my first years in College when I got into being interested to discover mechanisms behind the amazing miracle of life. Genetics came as a selection later on, when I realized that most of everything is encrypted in this simple 4 letter genetic code!

- What are you working on right now at Genotypos Science Labs?

- Genotypos Science Labs is mainly a Clinical Diagnostic Center, with a main interest in Oncogenetics. We are applying all available techniques to help diagnosing biomarkers related to targeted treatments that will give survival advantage to cancer patients. Meanwhile, in collaboration with Academic Centers from Greece and other countries we are involved in several research projects, related with cancer but also rare inherited diseases.

- Could you share your impressions from the recent working visit to Yerevan State Medical University?

- I was left with the best impressions from my visit to YSMU, mainly because of the incredible hospitality of the organizing colleagues. The level of organization of YSMU was amazingly high and discussions with colleagues were very interesting and fruitful. The only thing I regret about is that I did not have more time to spend there!

- Please, tell about your further scientific collaboration with Armenian specialists within the framework of the YSMU ARICE program?

- Unfortunately, I am not involved at the moment with the ARICE program, but I am definitely open to discussions with my Armenian colleagues for possible interactions.

- Are you planning to visit Armenia in the future?

- Of course, I am (for the fourth time) and have more time to spend there.

- What would be your advice to your future colleagues?

- To try for the stars…no matter how high they look!

- Would you like to add something?

- I sincerely thank you for the opportunity!